Bulgarian objects on the list of the world - heritage under UNESCO protection.

Language Bulgarian
Capital Sofia
Government Republic
Area 110.994 km²
Population 7.606.000
Currency Bulgarian Lew
Independence 22.09.1908
Calling Code +359

The tomb of Kazanlyk

This tomb dates back the III century B.C. The wall paintings in the grave chamber and the corridor have an exceptionally high artistic value. It is located on the hill "Tuelbeto", near the city of Kazanlyk.

The Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo

This is a monastery complex, named after the "St. Archangel Mikhail", which consists of partially preserved churches. The wall paintings in the church "Holy Mother of God" are some of the most significant achievements of Bulgarian art of the Middle Ages dating XІV. century. They are located about 20 km from the Syadt Russe, east of the village Ivanovo, in the rocks of the natural park "Russenski Lom".

The Church of Boyana

The unique wall paintings from 1259 are among the treasures of European medieval art. It is located about 8 km from the center of Sofia (residential area Boyana), at the foot of the Witosha Mountains.

The horseman of Madara

A rock reliefat a height of 23m. The relief is on the northern slope of the northern part of the plateau near Prowadia. This is the most important work of monumental art of the early Middle Ages, a unique example of European cultural history. It is located near the village of Madara, about 16 km from the town of Shumen.

The Rila Monastery

The largest monastery complex in Bulgaria, which has exceptional architectural and artistic qualities. It was built in X the century and rebuilt in XIII-XIVth century. It was transformed into a cultural centre in the X century. In the XVth century the complex was completed and got its present imposing shape, becoming the spiritual centre of Bulgaria. It is in the north-western part of the Rila Mountains, about 20 km from the town of Rila and 120 km from Sofia.

Nessebar - Old Town

Architectural, historical and archaeological site on the shore of the Black Sea, with valuable archaeological objects from various periods, original churches dating from the Vth to XVII century, as well as authentic buildings from the Renaissance period.

The tomb of Sveshtar

Thracian tomb from the 1st half of the III century. It has a central burial chamber with rich frescoes and an impressive relief of caryatides. Located near the village of Sveshtari, 7 km northwest of the town of Isperich.

Srebarna Nature Reserve

This nature reserve with biosphere character is in the valley of the Danube river, including the lake "Srebarna" and the surrounding area. The reserve is reach with rare plant and animal species, which are under protection. Located 16 km west of the town of Silisrta.

National Park "Pirin"

The national part is part of the miraculous Pirin Mountains, located in its high, northern part. Possessing specific relief and a unique natural world. The biosphere reserve "BajoviDupki " and the reserve "Julen" are divisions of the park.

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